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// Terms of Condition


// Company information

Kristine Mandsberg

Ryesgade 19E 2. sal, 2200 Copenhagen N, DK Denmark

Tel: +45 22390586

E-mail: mail@kristinemandsberg.com

VAT nr: DK 31997860





// How to place an order

You can place your order directly on kristinemandsberg.com. All prices are included 25% VAT. Prices are daily-prices. When you shop at kristinemandsberg.com all

agreements are in Danish. If you wish to receive a further copy of your order confirmation please send an e-mail to mail@kristinemandsberg.com.


// Order Confirmation

All orders are confirmed by e-mail.


// Delivery times

Denmark: When you receive your order confirmation you can expect your order within 2-5 working days. Postage fee in Denmark: 30,00 dkk.

Europe, Faeroes and Greenland: When you receive your order confirmation you can expect your order within 5-8 working days.

Postage fee in Europe, Faeroes and Greenland: 50,00 dkk.

Rest of the world: When you receive your order confirmation you can expect your order within 5-10 working days.

Postage fee in the rest of the world: 75,00 dkk.


// Payment

On kristinemandsberg.com online store you can manke payment with: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.


// Security

There is no risk involved by using payment cards on kristinemandsberg.com. Our online store works in co-corporation with Paypal. We have protected the date, which

in transfered via the internet in connection with a transaction, with assistance from ssl (secure soccet layer) encryption.

The credit card information is sent from kristinemandsberg.com to Paypal via a secure and encrypted ssl-connection - kristinemandsberg.com will not see your card details,

as this part of the transaction in managed by a certified transaction assistant.


// Delivery

Your item will be sent to the address you supplied when you bought your item.


// Damage during transport

Should your purchase get damaged or lost during transport, kristinemandsberg.com is responsible for refunding. Please contact kristinemandsberg.com by using this e-mail:



// Return policy

You have 14 days to return your item when shopping at kristinemandsberg.com. The return policy starts from the day you receive your item. The return policy in only applicable

if the item(s) is returned in the same condition and magnitude. The return policy will default if the item is an an obvious poor condition and will lessen the value of the item.

If the returns policy is drawn on, you are responsible for the return postage.

Should you wish to return your item you will of course receive the full amount you paid for it. This is done via a transaction yto your bank account once we have received the item(s)

and accepted it is within our return policy. It is important we have all your bank details. Please send all corresponcance and bank details so we can complete the transaction to you

without delay.


// Address for returns

Kristine Mandsberg

Ryesgade 19E 2.sal

2200 Copenhagen N

DK Denmark


// Personal information

All personal information you provide when shopping on kristinemandsberg.com (name, address, telephone number and e-mail) will be sent to kristinemandsberg.com with

encryption and will be handled with complete confidentiality. It will only be used to process your order of the illustration(s). The law constitutes that any nbusiness is obliged

to keep you personal information for 5 years. Kristinemandsberg.com is responsible for keeping your personal information.


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