// K R I S T I N E M A N D S B E R G

// W O R K // A B O U T // C O N T A C T // N E W S // I N S T A G R A M



Selected for The Biennale for Craft

and Design 2019, Copenhagen DK


As designers we can create concepts of

communities through our work, by creating

experiences that are inclusive and



The intention of the art piece 'Three of a

Kind' is to engage the viewers, by letting

them transform the shape of the three

pieces and together explore its potential.


The art piece consists of three individual

shapes, which has a common shape and

colour scheme.

Each shape also has its own individual

'visual personality', to underline the

importance of diversity in a community

to keep it dynamic and vivid.

The art piece will hopefully be a community

booster by engaging visitors at the

exhibition by letting them 'play', and

together explore the art piece.


Materials: Mdf & acrylic paint.



Photographer: Dorte Krogh

Giff: Daniel Schriver